Mike Todd’s “Crazier Faith” Series is Bananas!

Mike Todd has emerged as the premier voice of faith in our generation. As the dynamic leader of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he is putting an entire country on his back. He calls this movement “Transformation Nation!” His new “Crazyer Faith,” series has reached over 2.8 million people in a little over a month on Youtube. His mantra has become, “It’s only crazy until it happens!”

At Grown and Saved, we wanted to put on a great event with Lecrae, and had the “Crazy Faith,” to reach out to his management team. Now we will be hosting the Grown and Saved Experience on December 2nd at Arena Theatre in Houston, TX. All this because of the “Crazier Faith” seed planted inside Grown and Saved CEO, Pastor Von Won.

We encourage you to go online, watch the “Crazyer Faith,” series online and purchase the New York Times bestseller “Crazy Faith,” by author, pastor and recording artist, Mike Todd.

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